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Knitted Dog Jumpers – Australia

If you live in a cooler climate and are concerned about your dog getting cold, Sasha and Me stock the cutest and most stylish range of dog jumpers Australia-wide. Small dogs in particular can feel the cold, their little bodies struggling to keep their temperature up and they shiver as a result. Dressing him or her in one of our stylish knitted dog jumpers can help your little friend stay warm and enjoy going on walks with you more, as well have a better quality of life

The FAME is a 100% wool, turtle neck-style jumper, with classic style and supreme comfort. The leg holes feature ribbing to ensure a snug fit without compromising on comfort or leg freedom. Available in three sizes to suit a variety of breeds and dog dimensions, this is perfect for keeping the winter chill at bay.

The SKULL knitted dog jumper combines warmth with edgy style, perfect for chic canines and fashion forward furballs. Includes ribbed leg holes for snugness and comfort, without limiting movement. The back features a skull design in silver sequins, giving it a glittering sophistication, to make your pooch the envy of the street.

Choose your size and style and we will ship your knitted dog jumper anywhere in Australia, direct to your home. Our range is constructed to the highest standards, ensuring longevity and comfort, keeping your dog warm and snug regardless of the weather.

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