Why We Are Eco-Friendly

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Why We Are Eco-Friendly

At Sasha & Me we have always taken inspiration from nature; after all we love our furry-friends and want them to live in the best possible environment, whether at home or on their walks. That’s why we have put eco friendliness, sustainability and the natural world at the heart of our ethos.

Our Ethos. Inspired by nature, locally centred

We strive to work in balance and harmony with nature, but what does that mean? At Sasha & Me we are always sniffing out the most sustainable, ethical and environmentally friendly ways to produce and deliver our ranges of dog beds, cat beds and accessories. That’s why each time we design a new collection we work with craftspeople to produce products which are of the highest quality, made from sustainably sourced fabrics and put together in a way which your cat or dog will love. The same attention to detail which goes into designing our cat beds and dog beds goes into the production process. We are constantly working to ensure that all our organic pet beds meet the highest environmental and safety criteria, striving to ensure they are of low environmental impact and that as we produce and distribute them, we follow sound environmental policies .

"I have always been inspired by nature, and by the passion and dedication of people working to ensure that nature and wildlife can thrive." 

Don’t sweat, every product is socially responsible

Don’t sweat, because we don’t use sweatshops. Each and every one of our organic pet beds, including our Diva Bed, Uovo Bed and Classico Bed’s are all made by craftspeople and we pledge to never use sweatshops to make our products. Local craftspeople are able to use sustainable techniques to make high quality dog beds and cat beds which your pet will love, without polluting their local environment.

Our toys, cat beds and fabrics are all uniquely designed and produced with great care to work with small artisan producers. Cat products such as the Felt Circo baskets and cushions, sogno pods, and palle balls are all made in environmentally friendly ways. By employing their talents in making our beautiful products, these workers are able to earn a living and support their families, educating their children and taking care of health needs. We will never make our products without out having the highest assurance of welfare and environmental standards in our supply chains. 

Recycling and recycled materials

We don’t just strive to make out products eco friendly, but at Sasha & Me, we also strive to ensure we create as little environmental impact as possible. We work towards this through the materials we use and the products we make. All our products are made from sustainable and/ or organic materials. To make our beds, fillings and fabrics we use recycled and recyclable materials, just another step to make the world better whether for our furry friends, you or the people crafting the products.

We actively try to recycle and reuse where we can and whenever possible, we purchase and use recycled and eco friendly products. Our aim is to reuse as much packaging from our suppliers as we can and try to minimise waste packaging where we can. When you receive your new order, whether for organic pet beds or other products, we ask you to reuse or recycle as much of the packaging as you can to keep the world green, as we’d like it to be!

Sustainable and green

By now you know we have strong eco principles and that we’re committed to making a strong and conscious effort to be green. We also want to encourage our customers to find ways of loving their pets in eco friendly ways. If you have an old t shirt or pair of socks which have seen better days, they can make wonderful lining for your pet’s bed. Whilst we recommend getting one of our cushions when buying your new organic pet beds, lining your furry friends space with old clothing which smells of you helps them to bond with you and associate their bed with the happiness which comes from being with their best friend.

You and your four legged friend love playing and walking in the green grass, clean beaches and clear rivers. Let’s work together to keep them that way. With sustainably designed and contemporary styles to match your taste, there’s something for everyone (whether you have two legs or four) at Sasha & Me.


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