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Time For A Cat Nap

By Claudia Karba September 17, 2016 0 comments

Is there anything cuter than a litter of kittens sleeping in a basket? Cat’s are at their most adorable when taking a nap, whether on your lap, your bed or in their own little cat bed. That’s pretty good as the average moggie can spend as much as eighteen hours a day cat napping. Cats are at their best around dawn and dusk, so between those times they’ll spend a lot of time sleeping. Sleep is important for your cat as it helps your cat to maintain their health and recharge their energy for the next round of stalking, running, punching and climbing.

Thought you might not think it when she’s snuggled up, your cat still has the same psychology and needs of a big cat predator such as a lion hardwired into them. We all know that there’s nothing more that they like to do than give chase, run and hunt some things, even if it’s just a toy you brought for them. They also have the same sleep pattern as big cats. So as your kitty needs a lot of sleep, selecting the right cat bed for your best friend is important.

Sorting out a space in your home which can be dedicated to your cat’s rest is the first step. You need to select a space in your home where you can set up a cat bed. The space should be a part of your home where you’ll be happy setting up a bed, where it won’t clash with the rest of your home’s style and decor. You probably also want to make sure there is little you cat could knock over and that you are happy giving that space over. It could be a draft-free corner which is a little secluded to give you cat privacy. At the same time, cats often like to see what is going on around the house and outside. Think about this when you are placing your cat bed. If your cat is a little older it can also be a good idea to have a litter tray close by. Take a little time to think about where is best in your home in terms or room and furniture layout to set up a cat bed and area.

Cats spend most of their life sleeping, so finding the right cat bed for your moggie is essential to having the happy, healthy and energetic cats we all love. There are plenty of different types of cat beds, houses, baskets and cushions and our range of cat beds come in a variety of materials, sizes and colours. You’re sure to find the perfect cat bed for both your beloved pet and your home and lifestyle. Down to the basics. Most cats love a space they can snuggle and burrow down into, like a box or covered bed. Most cats love these boxes as it satisfies their need to burrow and find hiding places.

The Sogno bed is just right for this type of kitty. The Snogo cat bed is just like a pod your cat can jump into and snuggle away from the world. Ecological and socioeconomiclly responsible, our cat beds are handmade from organic felt and by produced by a group of women in Nepal. The Sogno bed gives your cat a sense of privacy and helps them get a great nap.

Does your cat like to sun themselves in the garden or on a windowsill? Cat’s adore heat and you’ve probably noticed that when indoors your cat loves to sit and sleep by a radiator, or on top of your computer or TV. They’ll naturally try and find a place which is warm and inviting, so when choosing your cat bed, keep in mind that they generally like to be warm and snuggly. So choose a cat bed which can provide them with this warmth. The Sogno bed is perfect for that but we’ve got other great options from our range of five cat beds. Circo cat baskets and Circo cushions are perfect for providing a place your cat can burrow and hideaway in. Thanks to their organic felt, Circo beds keep your cat warm and snuggly. 

We love cats and the occasional cat nap. Our cat’s love to sleep in warm and comfortable spaces., Provide your feline friend with the perfect cat bed to sleep in by viewing our range of handmade, sturdy and eco friendly cat beds at Sasha & Me.

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