Our Artisan

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Our Artisan

Meet our artisan craftspeople

PHOTO CAPTION: Meet our artisan craftspeople

Why should you buy a felted, organic pet bed from us at Sasha & Me? Afterall as much as we all love our furry friends, a beautiful felted, organic pet bed can cost a little more than some of our rivals. Well, we’d like to tell you part of the story of how those luxury felted products are made. Hopefully you’ll then see how your choice of where to purchase a new place for your littlest family member can help families across the world. At Sasha & Me we have always strived to be as eco-friendly as we can and you can find out more about how we achieve this through eco friendly materials here. Another way we work to make the world a better place is by working with sustainably produced materials, such as our felt and with local, small scale producers.


Organic and sustainable

How we make our organic pet beds

PHOTO CAPTION: How we make our organic pet beds 

Back in 2013 we started looking for ways to produce our lovingly designed organic pet beds in a way which wouldn’t harm the environment or exploit the people working to make them. We first started by researching materials we could use in an environmentally sustainable way and came up with felt. Felt can be made from a few different materials. After a bit more research we choose go with organic wool as it is a beautiful material to make dog beds from, is sustainable and is non-allergic for owners and pets alike.

We choose to use organic wool produced in New Zealand as it has a much lower impact on the environment than non-organic wool. New Zealand’s beautiful wool is produced under higher welfare standards than in Australia as farmers do not practice mulesing, docking sheep tails to prevent fly strike.


Finding the right craftspeople

We are proud to work with artisan craftspeople in Nepal

PHOTO CAPTION: We are proud to work with artisan craftspeople in Nepal

We are extremely proud that all our organic wool, felted pet beds toys are produced by local craftspeople in Nepal. They share our creative instinct and passion for creating beautiful things in a sustainable way. After scouring the globe looking for somewhere we could manufacture our products and make a positive impact on the local community we contacted a group of women in Nepal. They have been making impressive, creative designs for centuries from wool felt and we knew straight away we’d be able to make some great products with them. Our products are made by craftswomen in a village just outside Kathmandu, training and collaborating with them we started to produce our range of fantastic designs. Seeing these products come to life in a way which also helps small scale producers in the developing world is one of the great joys about running Sasha & Me. When you view our range of products you can see and appreciate their originality and uniqueness of design and production.


Hand-made and good for the planet

A lot of work goes into making each luxury dog blanket and bed

PHOTO CAPTION: A lot of work goes into making each
luxury dog blanket and bed

Equally at home in your home and harmonious with nature, everything we sell is handmade and ecologically friendly. We are employing processes which don’t just pay our workers and help sustain their environment, we also want to improve their lives. Something as simple as not using harmful chemicals in the growing, dyes or soaps used to make our luxury dog blanket. Soap’s are an important part of making felt from wool. Often these can be where chemicals can enter the production process and contaminate water. We use soaps which are handmade in Kathmandu and which are fully biodegradable. In a similar way we went to Switzerland to source ethically produced, lead free and ecologically friendly dyes to make the beautiful range of colors our products are available in. Waste or ‘grey’ water can then be recycled and is used nearby on organic food gardens. The produce is taken home by the women working with us. Just another way to help our workers to develop their communities.

Wherever and whenever possible we are proud to work with ethical and sustainable producers around the world. At each step of our supply chain we find producers and businesses which are ethical, sustainable and give something back to the world around them. We feel it is important that our products aren’t just perfect for your four legged friends, but that they are also perfect for the world around us all and which support small local communities.

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