At The End Of A Dog Day, Your Pup Needs A Bed

When you come home at the end of a hard day all you want to do is flop onto your bed. It should be a somewhere which is warm and inviting. A cosy place where you can let the cares of the world melt away as you sink into the comfy bedspread and cushions. And when it is time to sleep, your bed should be somewhere you can sleep in comfort before waking up recharged and ready to go. As much as us humans love our beds, our dogs love their dog beds even more! 

We might sleep in our beds for a few hours a night but our furry, four-legged friends spend as much as eighteen hours a day in theirs. So we need to make sure our dogs are sleeping in a bed which is comfortable and of the right size for their needs. And, though you might not think it, not all dog beds are created equally. Whilst some dog beds can be a little drab and unappealing (yes even your dog can have tastes) others are just not right for your pooch.

Your dog bed should be pillowy soft and make your four-legged-friend feel like are floating on a cloud as they drift off to sleep. That’s exactly how we designed our range of dog beds, baskets and cushions to feel. Pillowy soft organic felted Circo Dog Basket cushions pair perfectly with the stylish, firm and comfortable Circo Basket. Style might not be too important to your pooch but it is to the rest of us. If you have spent a lot of time carefully planning and decorating your home, you probably don’t want to just dump a dog bed in the mix which looks completely out of place. 

All of our products follow an elegant, and timeless design ethic. We have worked to create a range of dog beds which your dog can feel at home in but just as importantly, will fit in your home. As much as you care for your pooch, you certainly don’t want a case of drab dog bed blues cramping the sartorial elegance of you pad. Beds like the Circo Baskets and Cushions or the Classico dog bed range are all made from ethically sourced materials, such as organic felt. We follow eco-friendly practices in making our stylish doggy bedding, so you, your dog and the planet can all benefit! 

At Sasha & Me we love dogs and we always want them to have the highest quality of life. Let’s face it for a lot of dog’s that means having a great place to nap after their walk or whilst you are getting on with things around the house. Our range of dog beds comes in seven different styles and sizes, meaning no matter the size of your dog, how much space you have and your decor, there will be a perfect dog bed for you.

Smaller dogs often like to snuggle down in a basket-style dog bed as we have two great dog baskets, the Diva bed, for our little diva’s and the Circo basket. Circo baskets and Diva Beds are perfect for smaller dog breeds. They come in smaller and larger sizes so you can find one the right size for you. The felted sides of the Circo bed are strong enough for your dog to rest and lean up against, so they won’t squash or mishape it over time.To give your dog extra comfort, we also make cushions to go into the basket. The basket comes in grey or ice colours, which fit into most colour schemes. The cushions come in a range of seven colours which will fit into most colour schemes.

For larger breeds a simpler bed can often be a good answer. They are easy to store if your dog doesn’t use them during the day and can fit into just about any room. We have a range of dog beds in different styles, sizes, colours and materials. The Mano Bed even looks like a giant cushion and it would work really well positioned in a bedroom or living room where cushions and throws are at home.

Choosing the right dog bed for your furry friend is important, after all you don’t want to bring one home and find your dog won’t sleep on it or that it is not comfortable for them. You dog can’t talk to you, but they can let you know what they like and don’t like. You can also think about your dog’s age, size and habits. If you have a double coated dog you probably want a thinner bed without side, like the Classico or Velluto Bed. Thinner coated dogs will probably prefer basket style dog beds.

Just like we need a place to call our own, a place to relax; our pets need a place where they can escape to and rest to be as lively and playful as they want the following day. As well as looking at the type of bed your dog needs you also need to think about where to set up your doggy bedroom. It should be somewhere your dog can have some privacy but can still get to easily whenever they want to during the day. You should also make sure where you set it up is temperate, comfortable and draught free. 

Choosing the right dog bed is important for your dog and your home. Check out our range of beautifully hand crafted dog beds.

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