Best Animal Products

May 18, 2016 0 comments
Best Animal Products
Sasha and Me has had the recent honour being recognised by Bupa Pet Insurance on their list of the best animal products of the year for our impressive line of hand-crafted pet beds made in the Himalayas. The Sogno pods and Circo baskets are hand-crafted by expert artisans over a period of three days, using eco-friendly sheep wool. 

The beautifully designed Sogno beds for cats come in two sizes and have a small hole for your fluffy friend to exit and enter through. Your feline friends will love hiding away in their egg-shaped structure for a quick catnap. Our Circo baskets come in sizes suitable for both cats and dogs, and have two handles on the side to make them easily portable. During active times, the beds double as an excellent toy storage container.

Bupa’s article, ‘2016 Best Pet Products’, ranked our stylish and functional pods in the top two for the “upscale beds” category, describing us as “boutique brand with an emphasis on environmentally friendly products”.

The handmade nest-like beds come in a burst of marbled colours and are also available in elegant shades of grey. Because they are created in small batches you can be sure that no two beds are exactly alike. These pod-like sleeping areas are easy to hand-wash and will retain their original shape once dry. They make an elegant addition to the interior of your home, unlike many other alternatives.

To maximise comfort for your furry pal, place one of our hand-stitched Circo cushions, available in an array of vibrant colours, in the bottom of the basket. Because the Circo cushions are felted by hand, they are also durable and easy to clean, so your pet can luxuriate in pure Himalayan wool without damaging the delicate material with their paws.

Providing such a sanctuary for your pet not only means they get to luxuriate in the epitome of comfort, but also that they will no longer require your bed for rest. And because they’re easy to wash, your beloved animal's fur is kept to one convenient, easily cleanable location in your home.

We take pride in keeping your pet as cosy as possible. Each beds comes in a wide variety of sizes, accommodating anything from a Great Dane to a Chihuahua. You’ll love watching the animal in your life enjoy their new perfectly fitting abode.

At Sasha and Me we promote socioeconomic development where our products are made and strive to preserve the environment by making sure all of our products are made from eco-friendly materials. As the Bupa article says, “these contemporary items come with a complimentary feel-good ethos.”

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