WOW0821240209BLCLJLLLML has interviews sasha & me in their article "About “sasha & me” – Designs for Modern Pets".
I have been so taken by the products I have seen being produced by sasha & me here in Australia that I sent their Director, Claudia, just a few questions to find out more. I have seen the stylish and modern images posted on Facebook. These include pet beds, blankets, bed covers and accessories like collars and leads and dog neck warmers! On further inspection of their website I notice they also sell the Moso Bamboo Range.. products made from bamboo of course. What I had also read is that sasha & me have heart! They donate 5% of all sales to the Bali (Dog) Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre (BARC).
Sasha1 “sasha & me is a label that offers fashionable, contemporary products for dogs and dog lovers.  Each high quality product and accessory has been designed to enhance and strengthen the relationship between people and their four legged-friends”, says Claudia  in her introduction to my questions that follow. “The brands philosophy is based upon Contemporary Design, Eco Friendliness and Fair Trade”, said Claudia.
Claudia, to get some background on the creator of sasha & me can you tell us a little about yourself? “I have spent most of my professional life in fashion. Over the years I gained experience in product development, buying and in senior management”, said Claudia. “Like so many crucial events in life, I started sasha & me by chance, disillusioned by the Australian retail fashion industry, I wanted to do something that I could be passionate about and make a difference, and this is how sasha & me was borne.I launched the brand in 2012, in my tiny office and stored all my designs in the garage. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to keep the designs clean and modern without the cliché designs that I have seen around the pet stores. I had no idea if I was doing the right thing but I just keep following my instinct and never gave up my vision”, said Claudia.
How else can you describe the sasha & me product range? “All of our designs are simple and contemporary; we like to compliment our beds and accessories to the individual style and home design – why have a beautiful home but a very average looking pet bed? I never understood the logic of that. A dog bed is a large and unique piece of furniture in your home – be proud to show it off. Your pet after all is part of your family”, said Claudia.“The next thing we focus on is quality.  We have never compromised and we never will. I want the brand to be something I would be very proud to purchase myself. Therefore we spend numerous hours searching for the best organic fabrics or eco-friendly materials and focus in attention to details and craftsmanship. For example check out the the Moso Bamboo Range. Sustainability and transparency are today’s inescapable requirements. Consumers want to know where the product comes from, who makes it, how it is made and what are the long-term benefits, for the buyer, for the people we engage with and the environment”, said Claudia.
What’s next for sasha & me?“Now a year later, we have moved to a bigger office and we are starting to build a strong relationship with many small retailers. We keep it humble and happy and focus on growing our relationship with like-minded people across the globe”, said Claudia. “We are currently expanding our range and we’re constantly working on new designs. Last but not least, our goal this year would be to find a distributor in the USA. We have a strong demand over there so we just need to find a company that would value our vision and share our  philosophy of life with our pets”, said Claudia. We here at Dogs and Cats of course wish sasha & me all the best!
One more thing Claudia – - do you have a special offer for our readers? “OK – let’s do the travel mats with your readers. We will offer  free postage”said Claudia. To ensure you get this deal just email and mention “special offer”.Thanks Claudia! Here is the travel mat again.. sasha2

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