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Clean, cool and contemporary. If that’s your bag, then you’re going to be drooling over new Sydney-based designer doggy label, Sasha & Me. Launched in 2012 by Claudia Karba, the collection of luxurious dog beds, blankets, travel mats and bowls is focussed around modern, functional design with an eco-friendly approach.Having worked in fashion buying and management for many years, Claudia launched Sasha & Me for her beloved hound. “My dog Sasha, is a rather pampered pooch and she has chewed or refused to sleep on many dog beds. I tried to find the right bed for her and I think it’s fair to say that they aren’t generally aimed at a design conscious market,” she says. [caption id="attachment_4699" align="alignnone" width="500"]Classico Dog Bed by Sasha & Me Classico Dog Bed by Sasha & Me[/caption] Australians love their pets and their homes, so Sasha & Me aims to integrate perfectly into their carefully crafted living spaces. “Homes are changing and people focus on their interior more than ever before. They can spend hours carefully choosing a lamp or a chair, it makes complete sense to choose something equally beautiful for their four-legged friends,” says Claudia. [caption id="attachment_4712" align="alignnone" width="630"]Viaggio Travel Bed by Sasha & Me Viaggio Travel Bed by Sasha & Me[/caption] The collection focusses on classic shapes and clean lines in a cool palette of neutrals with darker, richer shades of slate and charcoal. “I would definitely say that we’re minimalist and modern, and that it’s all about keeping it simple and clean,” says Claudia. Their comfy Classico beds are crafted from Australian cotton, making them beautifully soft and breathable, while the Reposo throw rug makes the perfect place for a pooch to snuggle down for some well-derserved zzz’s. [caption id="attachment_4703" align="alignnone" width="500"]Moso Bamboo Dog Feeder by Sasha & Me Moso Bamboo Dog Feeder by Sasha & Me[/caption] The Sasha & Me collection starts at £60 for the Viaggio Travel Mat and Reposo Throw Rug up to £162 for the large Classico beds plus delivery. Sasha & Me also donate 5% of their profits to animal welfare organisations.
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