Moso Bamboo Range


Solid 100% bamboo wood frame, with three removable dog bowl inserts for dry food, wet food and water in high quality stainless steel.

The Cibo dinnerware puts an end to a messy dinner. Everything has its place and your friend won’t have to eat soggy biscuits anymore.

The design is inspired by our love for bamboo and traditional old craftsmanship from the beautiful Anji bamboo forest in China.
Moso Bamboo is a highly renewable material. It is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants, with some species growing up to 3 feet a day.

Bamboo needs no replanting, and grows without fertilizers or pesticides and is harvested from controlled stands in three to five years.

It is the fastest growing canopy for the re-greening of degraded lands and releases 35% more oxygen than equivalent timber stands.

Measurements: L53.4cm x W21.6cm x H5.9cm
Large bowl size: 15.9cm
Small bowl size: 12.6cm

Designed for the ones with big appetite

Price: $129.00
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Sasha & me Deodorising Pet Mats use an innovative bamboo charcoal made from Moso Bamboo, also known as “Black Diamond”. It has a high mineral content including potassium, calcium, iron & sodium.

When fired at temperatures over 800°c the structure carbonizes and develops unique properties that deodorize, purify and control humidity.

Bamboo Charcoal reacts with your pet’s body heat producing FAR infrared rays. These rays are known to relieve aches and pains, reduce stress, and speed recovery. Other benefits may include joint relief and improved circulation, energy and flexibility.

Sasha & me Deodorising Pet Mats have a protective, water resistant lining creating the perfect solution to keeping your pet’s favorite places clean and odor free.

Use over your pets existing bed, favorite pieces of furniture, in the car or just about anywhere.


The bamboo charcoal insert can be removed and hand washed.

Place your bamboo charcoal product outside under direct sunlight (2-3 hours per side) monthly for optimal performance. With proper care, your product can last an entire year or more.

The microfiber cover can be machine washed and dried naturally.

Additional features include heavy-duty stitched handles to help lift less mobile pets more comfortably, and a non-skid bottom.


Bamboo charcoal is pet friendly because is 100% natural. Remarkably, at the end of its lifespan, the bamboo charcoal pieces from the product can be mixed with gardening soil. Charcoal pieces deter pests and absorb excessive moisture in the soil.

Pet friendly + sustainable + reusable + recyclable

Price: $49.00
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